SHMRC2016: Judge Announcement #4 ?>

SHMRC2016: Judge Announcement #4

Dear Medical Researchers/Researchers to-be,
It’s less than two months away from SHMRC 2016 and we are here once again to announce our 4th judge for the event. He may be new to the SHMRC, but definitely a veteran in the field of medical research. We are very honoured to welcome our new judge: Professor Barry Iacopetta.

Prof Iacopetta

Prof. Iacopetta completed his PhD in cell biology at UWA. This was followed by three postdoctoral positions in Switzerland (University of Geneva; Swiss Cancer Research Institute; Nestec Ltd.) before returning to Australia to establish a translational cancer research laboratory in the School of Surgery at UWA. The major focus of this laboratory has been the characterization of molecular phenotypes for colorectal cancer, the discovery and validation of prognostic and predictive biomarkers for routine clinical use, and the establishment of a state-wide screening program for the familial cancer condition known as Lynch syndrome. He collaborates with local pathologists, surgeons, oncologists and medical geneticists, as well as overseas colleagues in Singapore, France and Japan. He is the Graduate Research Coordinator in the School of Surgery at UWA and also helped to establish the Graduate Program for the Cancer Science Institute at the National University of Singapore.

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